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Les Patineurs Valse (The Skaters Waltz) - Emile Waldteufel

Les Patineurs Valse (The Skaters Waltz) - Emile Waldteufel

arr. for Concert Band

'Les Patineurs Valse' (opus 183), known in English as 'The Skaters' Waltz', was composed in 1882 and inspired by the 'Cercle des Patineurs' or 'Rink of Skaters' at the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. His introduction to the waltz can be likened to the poise of a skater and the glissando notes invoke scenes of a wintry atmosphere. The other themes that follow are graceful and swirling, as if to depict a ring of skaters in their glory. Bells were added for good measure to complete the winter scenery. 'Les Patineurs Valse' has featured in dozens of films from the earliest talkies to the present. These include 'The Hollywood Revue', 'My Favorite Wife', 'Chariots of Fire', 'A Simple Wish', 'My Beautiful Laundrette', 'Downton Abbey' and many others.

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