Why the name 'Seolta' and what does it mean?

Why the name 'Seolta' and what does it mean?

Did you know that the word Seolta is an Irish (Gaelic) word, with, as often happens in Irish, multiple meanings.

It was the idea of well-known Irish composer Bill Whelan to give the name Seolta to a choral group which had been assembled in the 1990’s to record some of his own choral music. Mark Armstrong, founder of Seolta Music online store was the conductor of this group and liked the name so much that he gave the name to his website.

So what does it mean – and thank you for waiting! The meanings we particularly like are ‘well-directed’, ‘smooth-running’ and ‘graceful’. We hope that these words also describe your own musical ensembles – at least some of the time!

So that is the reason why are an Irish company with a beautiful Irish name.

We nearly forgot - it’s pronounced ‘sholta’.

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