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Concert Overture - Richard Strauss

Concert Overture - Richard Strauss

arr. for Concert Band

In his early years, Richard Straus was primarily a ‘domestic’ composer with dances, songs, piano pieces, sonatas and sonatinas after Classical models alternate with first cautious attempts. In this progressive development Strauss composed in 1883 the 'Concert Overture' in C minor for full orchestra. The 'Concert Overture' remained unpublished for over 100 years. Only in 1989 was it prepared for its first publication although it was one of the 20-year-old composer’s most played works, which he had in his luggage as an exhibition piece on his journey to Berlin in the winter of 1883/84. Dutch arranger Jos van de Braak transcribed the 'Concert Overture' for Symphonic Band.

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