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Entry of the Gladiators (March) - Julius Fucík

Entry of the Gladiators (March) - Julius Fucík

arr. for Concert Band

Julius Fucík was a Czech composer, with over 400 marches, polkas, and waltzes to his name. As most of his work was for military bands, he is sometimes known as the 'Bohemian Sousa'. Today his marches are still played as patriotic music in the Czech Republic but his worldwide reputation rests primarily on two works: The Florentiner March popular throughout much of Europe and the march Einzug der Gladiatoren (Entrance of the Gladiators). This march in 1897 which was originally titled Grande Marche Chromatique reflecting the use of chromatic scales throughout the piece, but he changed the title based on his personal interest in the Roman Empire. Einzug der Gladiatoren is universally recognized as a screamer march for circuses, often used to introduce the clowns. In this edition the march is edited for a modern Symphonic Band

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