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Jupiter (from The Planets) - Gustav Holst

Jupiter (from The Planets) - Gustav Holst

arr. for Concert Band

'The Planets' by English composer Gustav Holst is a seven-movement orchestral suite in which each movement is named after a planet of the Solar System and its corresponding astrological character. The orchestration was very imaginative and colourful. The fourth movement of the Suite is 'Jupiter' with its corresponding astrological character, 'The Bringer of Jollity'. It has both jovial feet planted firmly on the ground. The central theme sounds like a folk melody, and its quiet dignity anchors the more lighthearted melodies that surround it. Holst used this central theme later for the patriotic hymn 'I vow to thee my country'. 'Jupiter' became one of the most popular movements from the suite and is often performed on its own as well.

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