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La Gran Vía - Frederico/Joaquin Chueca/Valverde

La Gran Vía - Frederico/Joaquin Chueca/Valverde

for Brass Ensemble

Frederico Chueca (1846-1908) and Joaquin Valverde (1846-1910) had been collaborating since 1875. They had already enjoyed huge success with La canción de la Lola in 1880 and 'La Gran Vía' was to eclipse even the controversial Lola in popularity.

Like many of Chueca's scores, the original version of 'La Gran Vía' was conceived as a suite of songs and choruses based on popular dance forms - Polka, Waltz, Tango, Jota, Mazurka, Chotis and March. Chueca's melodic and rhythmic vitality are as potent today as ever they were, and many of the numbers still retain their status as popular hits. Argentinean arranger Miguel Etchegoncelay compiled a Symphonic Suite for Brass Ensemble of the most beautiful melodies from this beloved zarzuela. BM1046

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