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La vie parisienne (Overture) - J. Offenbach

La vie parisienne (Overture) - J. Offenbach

arr. for Concert Band

La vie parisienne' is an opéra bouffe, or operetta, composed by French composer Jacques Offenbach. It was Offenbach's first full-length piece to portray contemporary Parisian life, unlike his earlier period pieces and mythological subjects and became one of Offenbach's most popular operettas. Unlike some of his other period/mythology-based operatic works, 'La vie parisienne' is all about contemporary Parisian life. The operetta remains one of Offenbach’s most popular works. Not all overtures necessarily use carbon copies of the music from the production, but more they embody and capture a snapshot of the atmosphere that lies at the heart of the production. Offenbach’s overture for ‘La vie parisienne’ certainly gives you the impression that the production will be comedic. German arranger Franco Hänle transcribed the overture of ‘La vie parisienne’ for Symphonic Band.

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