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Tiritomba (Neapolitan Song) - Guglielmo Cottrau

Tiritomba (Neapolitan Song) - Guglielmo Cottrau

arr. Jos Dobbelstein for choir and band

Tenor, Choir (ad lib.) and concert band.

Although Italian born Guglielmo Cottrau (1797-1847) had a political career, he preferred the arts, music, literature and journalism. Around 1825 he began his collaboration with Federico Girard to publish the collection entitled Passatempi musicali, through which he managed to put together over a hundred songs, some anonymous but rearranged by himself. His great merit was to have contributed to the knowledge and diffusion of the Neapolitan music far beyond the Italian borders. Among these music is the now famous song Tiritomba. Dutch arranger Jos Dobbelstein arranged this ‘Neapolitan love song’ for Tenor, Choir [ad lib.] and Symphonic Band.

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