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Variations on Theme by Haydn - Johannes Brahms

Variations on Theme by Haydn - Johannes Brahms

arr. for Concert Band

Johannes Brahms composed the 'Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn' in the summer of 1873. The theme Brahms used was entitled 'Chorale St. Antoni' and found in a wind ensemble composition which carried an attribution to the composer Joseph Haydn. But subsequent research has concluded that the wind piece Brahms used as a source does not fit Haydn's style. The situation has led to Brahms's piece being referred to today in recordings and concert programs as the 'St. Anthony Variations' as well as its original title. The work was first written for two pianos and later scored for orchestra as well. This orchestral version is better known and much more often heard than the two-piano version. Dutch arranger Jos van de Braak transcribed the entire piece for a symphonic wind orchestra.

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