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Windows of the World - Peter Graham

Windows of the World - Peter Graham

for Concert Band

Windows of the World, (wind version written for the Royal Norwegian Navy Band), provides solo opportunities for several principal players. Graham takes us first to Latin America, then to Japan, and onwards to sub-Saharan Africa. We get a gentle reprieve via a nostalgic hint of the British Isles before we land in the melting pot of all styles, the USA. In this final movement the driving swing section is abruptly stopped and a drum cadenza leads us back into the opening Latin music, with hints of the other styles as well. Described by Professor Ron Holz as "a global musical village", stylistic diversity is celebrated, and young musicians have fun while learning to master and embrace the performance practice requirements of each.

The six movements 1) Amazonia 2) Rainforest 3) The Rising Sun 4) Drums of Thunder 5) Celtic Dream and 6) Earth Walk can be programmed individually.
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