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Celtic Invocation - Timothy Stephens

Celtic Invocation - Timothy Stephens

for mixed choir

Alexander Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica is a six volume set of various prayers, songs, poems, invocations and other lore he collected over close to a fifty-year period (1860-1909) in the Gaelic speaking regions of Scotland. Not without controversy over Carmichael’s editing practice, the collection remains as one of the most important sources of Gaelic folklore today.

Found in Volume I under the Scottish title, Solus-iuil na siorruidheachd (The Guiding Light of Eternity), the six lines of text give reference to three types of light: the “joyous light of this day”, the “new light of this day” and the “guiding light of eternity”. The English musical setting is in a simple, contemporary style which uses a mix of unison and contrapuntal textures reflective of the text.

This piece is delivered in PDF format as a digital download with a minimum order of ten copies.

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